A milk or a primary tooth may require to be extracted or removed due to the following reasons:-

  • Badly decayed.
  • A left over segment which may or has lead to improper alignment position of it's successor permanent tooth.
  • To give extra room to sometimes bulky permanent successors.
  • A Supernumerary or an extra milk tooth.
  • A tooth which is hypermobile and may be in a danger to get swallowed.
  • A chronically painful milk tooth which does not respond to any therapy.


It's best however to make the milk teeth stay & keep the space for their permanent counterparts until it is their time to go. Unfortunately, sometimes there is a larger time gap involved for their permanent teeth to begin eruption.

Now this space must be maintained or kept at any cost to prevent any other teeth from tilting, erupting or overgrowing into that area which is meant for the exact tooth. This is when Space Maintainers are indicated .

Benefits of Space Maintainers:-
  • Prevent shifting of adjacent teeth into this new found space
  • Guide the permanent teeth into their correct position.
  • May postpone or even completely eradicate the need of any future orthodontic braces treatment.

These are Often of two varieties-Removable & Fixed. Ask us to know more details.

Maintenance of Space Maintainers —
  • Regular brushing and flossing.
  • Regular visits for hygiene & re-evaluation of functional benefit.
  • Avoidance of hard, sticky, chewy or Sugar-rich food example gums, candies etc.

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