We sincerely believe that visiting a dentist shouldn’t be a frightening or stressful experience! We provide an equally comfortable experience of relaxation for all our young and adult customers! Also we implement a lot of pain management and anesthesia options. Everything we do is aimed at making you feel comfortable!

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Dr Karan Gulati

Dental Implant Surgeon

Head Consultant

Experienced with 12 years of dental frontage, Dr Gulati is a surgeon with intriguingly proficient capabilities; his effortless mastery of dental surgeries makes him an immediate favorite of his patients and their lineage. His charisma & composure which often bring miraculous post-operative comfort are distinguished and worth to look out for if anyone is planning to get operated for any dental procedures.

Confide in the skills & competence of the surgeon with thousands of ardently satisfied patients worldwide. He has worked in both private & charitable set-ups with unmatchable ease & proficiency.

With over hundreds of implant placements and zero implant failure, his success rate highlights the benevolent surgical skills & unmatched diagnosis with intensive treatment planning for every single case.

Dr Preeti Gupta Gulati


With profound clinical experience and 12 years into practice, Dr Gupta is a hallmark in creativity infused with advancements of the dental world. The overwhelming treatment choices offered would make all your dilemmas about the host of available treatment options sorted in a flash.

One of the most renowned smile designer in South Delhi, she has many Awards, Fellowships & Certificates to her glory. But what she treasures the most is the list of her (proudly endured) smiling patients.

This is the fabric of our system and the framework for every decision made within the premises of Top Notch Dental Clinic. Look out, they might just overwhelm you!

  • Authenticity

    Being genuine is a well-nurtured habit and it comes from deep within!

  • Simplicity

    Keep it unpretentious, so that everyone can comprehend

  • Transparency

    Humility begets trust, honesty is an ‘all or none’ phenomenon!

  • Mindfulness

    Sound articulation of knowledge and work force yields astounding results

  • Commitment

    A vow is not a guarantee, it’s a bond to cherish, relish, preach & celebrate